The Net Tel One Difference

When I founded Net Tel One Communications in 2002, I felt that the industry was saturated with companies looking to sell equipment or services only to fail on the implementation and support. All too often in our industry the first thing a company will do with a problem is find someone other than themselves to point the finger at. Being in the field I could see the frustration in the clients face. I do not know of many things more frustrating than having a service companies pointing fingers and passing the buck while your business communications are interrupted causing business to come to a halt.  Thus, I set out on a mission to correct this by hiring knowledgeable, reliable staff and teaching them to treat the client’s problem as their own.  Here at Net Tel One we are of the opinion that if the phone on your desk is not doing what it should, it is OUR problem. Whether it is a cabling, network, carrier issue or an act of God, we work with whomever we need to in order to resolve the issue. At Net Tel One, we will never say ‘it is not our problem”. 

The other critical part of providing great service is being easy to work with. We have three ways to request service: a web portal, email or phone. The client is welcome to use whatever method suits them best. No matter which method, it will land on the lap of a Net Tel One team member that knows you and your company. We will never ask you for your account number! Your request is then put into our system which is designed to ensure each service request is handled in accordance with our high standards. We insist on being easy to work with, dependable and predictable. Net Tel One has procedures for success for everything we do. We are students of the “E-Myth” ology. I feel that this philosophy has helped grow our business and retain our existing clients. We expect to continue to grow in the foreseeable future as we continue to move with the industry. 

Christopher S. O’Neill


Our Hedgehog Concept


 At Net Tel One we strive to be the best in the world at providing our clients with:

– ONE support team

– ONE bill

– ONE point of contact

– ONE trusted partner that takes ownership of all things related to their business communications